MPA Responds to Mary Meeker's 2017 Trend Report

Talking Points:

  1. The sourcing defines “Print” as “newspapers and magazines,” making it useless for understanding either media individually. No detail is provided on how many or which specific brands of either newspapers or magazines are included in “Print.”

  2. This data ignores the fact that magazine media brands live across formats and channels, contributing to the “time spent” in Desktop and Mobile categories. The recent (5/29/2018) Media Consumption Forecast by Zenith reasserts this contribution, “Time spent reading newspapers and magazines online is included in the internet total. For many publications, the time they have gained online more than makes up for the time they have lost from print.”1 Magazine Media 360° Total Audience grew to 2.0 billion in 2018, further proving the power and vitality of magazine media brands and their content’s value and appeal to consumers across platforms.2

  3. This chart doesn’t address ROI or ROAS, (return on ad spend). Nielsen Catalina Solutions data shows magazines leading all other media by large margins, beating all other media channels decisively.3

  4. Qualitative, verified research validates that magazines still lead all other media in consumer ad receptivity, trust, and engagement. 4

  5. As marketers have begun to address the recent issues around “viewability,” bots, brand safety, quality, and effectiveness of internet marketing and digital and online video ads, global marketers have announced pullbacks to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. In the case of P&G, the world’s largest advertiser, CMO Marc Pritchard  said that the company reduced digital ad spending “with several big players” by 20 percent to 50 percent, and the cuts helped P&G eliminate 20 percent of its ineffective marketing and increase reach by 10 percent.5

  6. Consumers’ negative reactions to fake news and bad content are increasing, and they are growing more and more “mistrustful” of digital media,6 while their confidence and trust in magazines remains #1 among their media choices.7 In the 2018 Edelman Trust Barometer, the research showed that Americans trust in journalism is improving, while trust in platforms is declining.8 After the Cambridge Analytical scandal, nearly 10 percent of Americans said they deleted their Facebook account,9 while more than a third said they use Facebook less than they used to over the privacy issue. 10 At the same time, magazine news stories and information were at the center of cultural moments like the #metoo movement.11

  7. Let’s talk about real time spent, as measured by comScore and MRI. Print and online magazine readers spend 51 minutes with the average issue, according to MRI.  Yet, people don’t spend nearly as much time on Facebook and its pages as marketers may assume. While extremely heavy users exist, ComScore maintains the average number of Facebook visits per usage day in 2017 was 1.8 visits. A typical Facebook visit averages 23.6 pages, with the average time spent on a Facebook page equaling 48 seconds (.8 minutes),12 making Facebook the "ultimate skim."

  8. Mary Meeker is a partner at the Silicon Valley venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Her analysis needs to be viewed through the lens of her role, defending her company’s investments in incubation, early stage and growth companies.


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