MPA Member Spotlight

Showcasing the thought leadership, innovations and insights of member companies’ top executives, the MPA Member Spotlight illuminates the great work being done both in and around the magazine media industry.

MPA Member Spotlight: The Outside Experience

Sam Moulton, VP, Director of Marketing, OUTSIDE: "If the stories from our magazine and website got up and started walking around, you'd basically have the Outside Experience. The two-day event is the perfect opportunity to learn more about everything under the active lifestyle umbrella. Attendees can test out new gear, sample products, hear about a new adventure destination, check out the latest fitness trends, or learn a new skill, like how to change a bike tire. The entire event is a celebration of the world outside, with a specific emphasis on introducing new people and families to all the new and exciting ways to live a more active lifestyle." 

MPA Member Spotlight: The GH Lab Store

Jane Francisco, Editor in Chief, Good Housekeeping and Editorial Director, Hearst Lifestyle Group: "The GH labs are constantly analyzing products based on consumer demand and interest (each year we examine literally thousands of items!). The testing in our state-of-the-art facility focuses first on safety, then a rigorous assessment of performance, quality and value. We also send blinded products to members of our panel of over 20,000 consumers for real-life testing. Every product in the GH Lab store had to meet this GH Institute standard before consideration."