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11:00am | Conference Check-In & Partner Salon | Emerald Promenade
Presented by Port Hawkesbury 

| Welcome Lunch | Aqua Terrace 

Hosted by Donna Kessler, President, Morris Media Network 
Presented by AdvantageCS

1:45pm | Conference Welcome | Emerald Ballroom
Laura Simkins, COO, AFAR Media and IMAG Chair  

Indie Edge 
Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media 

IMAG Brand Story: How Garden & Gun Does It 
Co-Founder and CEO Rebecca Wesson Darwin shares the winning formula behind Garden & Gun’s celebrated growth from a regional magazine into a multiplatform media company whose influence and audience reach far beyond the South.  
Rebecca Wesson Darwin, Co-Founder and CEO, Garden & Gun  

Customer Acquisition:  What Works and What Doesn’t  
From the tried and true to the shiny and new, hear what’s working – and what’s not – across channels and brands, from an expert consumer marketer at Trusted Media Brands. 
Heather Plant, VP, Consumer Acquisition/Retail Sales, Trusted Media Brands

Social Skills: Building Your Brand on Social Media
Magazine media brands are the original (and still most powerful) influencers across social media platforms. Learn how magazine companies—from big to small—cut through the social clutter to drive engagement, increase followers and build brand loyalists.  
Kate Coughlin, VP, Audience Development, National Geographic
Joe Spector, Co-Founder and CEO, The Local Palate
Moderated by Jim Anderson, CEO, SocialFlow

Membership Models:  The Pros and Cons
Membership programs can be a great opportunity to tap into your brand’s super fans. Before you take the leap, learn about the advantages (and disadvantages!) of a member-based model and hear first-hand how it can strengthen your relationship with core enthusiasts.
Jamie Martin, Editor in Chief, Experience Life
Mona Hidayet, Executive Director, Clients & Products, Advantage CS

3:15pm | Break & Partner Salon | Emerald Promenade
Presented by MRI Simmons

The Answers to Your Data Privacy Questions
Data privacy is serious business. New regulations are forcing organizations to rethink how they operate. Do you know what you need to do to stay in compliance?  From government regulations, to compliance software, to real-life implementation, these experts answer your most pressing questions.
Richy Glassberg, Co-Founder and CEO, Safeguard GDPR
Brigitte Schmidt Gwyn, EVP, Government Affairs, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media
Wayne Matus, Co-Founder, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer, Safeguard GDPR 

Launching Subscription Video Channels as Your Secret Money Making Weapon
Harnessing the power of video has become a required weapon in the marketing world. But let’s focus on how it can be one of–if not–the highest-margin revenue streams in your business. We’ll take a look at the recurring revenue and what can come out of subscription video memberships focused on multi-media platforms.
Matt Given, CEO, Intelivideo

What's Hot What's Not 
As one of media’s most connected advisors and strategists, Wenda Harris Millard, president and COO of MediaLink, sits with MPA President and CEO Linda Thomas Brooks to talk about the media trends of the day and the best bets for the future of independent magazine brands.  
Wenda Harris Millard, Vice Chairman, MediaLink 
Linda Thomas Brooks, President and CEO, MPA – The Association of Magazine Media 

6:30pm | Opening Night Reception at Tradd's 
Hosted by The Lee Bros.  
Presented by Quad

8:00pm | Charleston Tours | Dinner On Your Own


7:30am | Breakfast | Marriott Courtyard

8:30am | Day 2 Welcome | Emerald Ballroom
Hosted by Donna Kessler, President, Morris Media Network 

100 Years Young: Legacy Brands, Modern Thinking 
With more than a century of publishing expertise and a rich history of brand extensions, these iconic brands are thriving in the digital age. Hear how they balance old with new to engage a legion of devoted followers and attract new audiences.  
Shawn Bean, Editorial Director, Bonnier Media
Nina LaFrance, SVP, Consumer Marketing & Business Development, Forbes Media 
Erin O'Mara, President, The Nation 
Mina Seetharaman, Chief Strategy and Creative Officer, The Economist Group 
Moderated by: Samir Husni, Founder and Director, Magazine Innovation Center, University of Mississippi 

IMAG Brand Story: Keeping Current at Morris Communications 
Hear how Morris Communication has successfully transitioned from a newspaper company to a magazine media company, complete with the challenges, lessons learned and a look to the future 
William S. Morris III, Chairman and CEO, Morris Communications Co. 

Paywall Lessons Learned from Newspapers 
Hard paywall, soft paywall, metered paywall, no paywall—what’s the best approach for your brand? Hear from the expert who navigated the paywall journey for the  nation’s leading newspapers about what worked and what didn’t; how to manage the funnel and offers; and what is most applicable to enthusiast media. 
Pete Doucette, Managing Director, FTI Consulting 
Ken Harding, Senior Managing Director, FTI Consulting 

Applying Expert SEO to Your Brands 
If you build it, will they come? Experts from AFAR and America’s Test Kitchen reveal how to get the most out of search, driving site traffic and increasing revenue. 
Anni Cuccinello, Director of Audience Development, AFAR Media 
Fran Middleton, Chief Digital Officer, America's Test Kitchen 
Caysey Welton, Content Director, FOLIO: 

Finding Revenue in Plain Sight 
From improving the digital sales funnel to building membership models to gifting individual issues, some of the best and easiest ways to earn more revenue are right in front you. Hear how PressReader’s technology allows you to monetize what you already have and engage consumers in new, profitable ways. 
Trevor Carroll, Director, Content Partnerships, PressReader 

10:30am | Break & Partner Salon | Emerald Promenade
Presented by MRI Simmons

Digital Transformation 
From podcasts to e-commerce, today's winning brands have transformed from print-centric publishers to dynamic content providers. Learn how they reach their customers in new and engaging ways to grow revenue and drive profitability. 
Camilla Cho, General Manager, E-Commerce, New York Media 
Gail Day, Publisher and VP, Global Advertising, Harvard Business Review 
DéVon Christopher Johnson, Founder and CEO, BleuLife Media  
Moderated by: Jonas Rideout, Global Head of Business Development, Piano

The Role of City and Regional Magazines 
No one understands the history of a region or the soul of a community quite like its local magazine publisher. As the media landscape shifts, city and regional magazines have taken on a new relevance and importance.  
Lori Coon, Publisher and COO, Integrated Media Publishing 
Ashlee Duren, Publisher, Augusta Magazine, Augusta Family Magazine, Athens Magazine, Aiken Homes & Lifestyles and Buzz on Biz 
Anita Hagin, Publisher, Savannah Magazine, Savannah Magazine HOMES and Southern Coastal Weddings 
Moderated by: Joe Hyrkin, CEO, Issuu

Showcase: The Many Extensions of a Brand  

Whether it be a curated consumer gift or a television show, indie brands are finding creative and effective ways to grow their footprints and tap into new revenue sources. Three experts highlight the brand extensions that are delivering the best results. 
Brook Holmberg, VP, Publisher, Yankee Magazine 
Renee Jordan, SVP and Group Publisher, The Taunton Press 
Gary Michelson, Vice President, Consumer Marketing and Operations, Garden & Gun
Moderated by: Lauren Hackett, SVP, Global Communications, The Economist 

12:00PM | Break & Partner Salon | Emerald Promenade
Presented by MRI Simmons

12:30PM | Imagination Awards Luncheon | Emerald Ballroom
Presented by PubWorX ProCirc

On the Brain: Building Meaningful Consumer Relationships
From measuring attention to psychographic segmentation, Dr. Don Vaughn shares the data science behind content consumption and user behavior online, and the steps publishers can take to foster deeper engagements with their audiences. Leverage these key insights and optimize strategies towards your business goals with Invisibly’s holistic approach to improving the digital experience.
Dr. Don Vaughn, Ph.D.,Vice President, Data and Insights, Invisibly 

Effective Video Strategy 
Video audiences for magazine brands grew 21% last year, the highest year-over-year growth of any channel. Learn from the best how to leverage the power of video content for your brand. 
Gregory Gatto, EVP, Bonnier Media 
Laura Simkins, COO, AFAR Media 

How Connecting With A Community Leads to Innovation 
When expert content meets devoted and passionate audiences, communities are born. Hear how these authentic relationships allow trusted brands to innovate across their platforms, from custom content to commerce to new experiences.  
Jon Dorn, Chief Innovation Officer, Active Interest Media and President, Active Living Group 
Bill Strickland, Editorial Director, Hearst Magazines Enthusiast Group and Rider in Chief, Bicycling 

Cannabis Media: A Budding Industry  
Growing acceptance of legal marijuana has led to a new high in cannabis-focused media. Hear how top experts are creating smart and engaging content for the marijuana community and lighting the way for new revenue opportunities.   
Garrett Rudolph, Editor, Marijuana Venture 
Noelle Skodzinski, Editorial Director, Cannabis Group/GIE Media
Jennifer Skog, Founder, Chief Creative, MJ Lifestyle 
Moderated by: Lori Rosen, Founder and President, Rosen Group 

IMAG Brand Story: Active Interest Media 
As one of the leading enthusiast media companies, hear about the structures and incentives AIM has put in place to drive innovation in products and services.
Andrew W. Clurman, President and CEO, Active Interest Media

4:00pm | Closing Cocktail Reception & Partner Salon | Emerald Promenade